HR Complete Features & Benefits
Complete offers the industry’s most comprehensive HR protection and support. In addition to all of our HR On-Demand services, you will be partnered with one of our certified HR Pros, who will conduct a comprehensive audit, build an HR action plan, and ensure you reach your HR compliance and strategic goals.
Dedicated HR Pro
With HR Complete, you will be partnered with a dedicated HR Pro who will help ensure that your business is HR compliant, then work with you to build long-term HR strategies. They’ll develop an HR Action Plan, conduct regular virtual meetings, develop custom materials, and train all relevant staff members on key HR functions, practices, and rules.
HR Strategy Planning
For businesses today, compliance is only half the HR story. Once the compliance issues are addressed, HR Complete shifts the focus from protection to value creation. You will develop strategic tools to help foster a productive, efficient workplace, attract and retain great employees, and build a company culture that accomplishes your business goals.
HR Navigator
We'll build you an HR toolkit and never misplace key HR documentation with the HR Navigator. It‘s your all-in-one compliance workbook, categorized into easy-to-find sections. HR Navigator keeps your HR paperwork and plans all in one place, for easy and quick access.