Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re spending more time looking for clients which leaves less time to handle billable work.
  • You’d like more clients, but more clients means more work and less time to bring in new business.
  • You want to take on more complex HR projects, but you lack the specific expertise to execute.

There are roughly 205,000 HR consultants in the U.S. with 0 to 4 employees in addition to their owners, according to joint research by IbisWorld and the U.S. Census Bureau. In a nutshell, your competition is stiff and success requires setting yourself apart. Giving up a steady paycheck to run your own business can be a challenge, but we’re prepared to help you make your mark.

Partnering with us means:

  • You can focus on business development in all 50 states, while we provide back end support to accomplish your billable work.
  • You have a personal team of certified HR Pros ready to advise you on topics ranging from workplace best practices to HR compliance and employee relations.
  • You’ll never miss your paycheck! Seeing your revenue increase above and beyond your former salary is what it’s all about.