Welcome to the easiest, smartest, fastest HR Support Center you've ever seen! The HR Support Center is an online portal that integrates all of our compliance tools and expertise – and provides one-click access to our HR Pros. The HR Support Center contains exclusive tools and resources that you can’t find anywhere else.
3 Minute HR Audit
Our fast and easy HR Audit helps you determine your businesses' HR compliance readiness. This program will also help you identify any HR gaps that may exist. Take the audit as many times as you'd like.
Quick Guides
Need a fast way to get up to speed on a particular HR topic? Our Quick Guides have you covered. They provide an at-a-glance summary of the most common HR areas, including Hiring, Health Care Reform, Wage & Hour, Employee Relations, and more.
Employee Handbook
Our Handbook Wizard will make it easier than ever for you to build a comprehensive and compliant employee handbook – at no extra charge. It’s a powerful tool to communicate your organization’s values, culture, and vision.
Training On-Demand
The HR Support Center features a wide selection of in-depth HR trainings. Topics range from Health Care Reform to Hiring & Terminations to Performance Management, and more. All training programs are specially designed and delivered by our certified HR Pros.
What’s Training On-Demand?
Documents & Forms
Gain access to HR documents to manage your employees, including a library of widely used workplace policies, job descriptions, and checklists. Can't find the document you're looking for? Our HR Pros are happy to work with you to create it!
HR Podcasts
Our HRCasts are developed by our HR Pros and provide in-depth HR information, tips, and best practices to help you better manage your business and employees. They’re avaialble anytime, so you can listen to them at work, or even on your commute home.